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Caroline Carrera is a certified court interpreter for the Tagalog language for the state of California. Prior to that, she was Provisionally Qualified under the Court Interpreters Program of the Judicial Council of California in 2000 and had Provisional Qualification by orders of presiding judges to interpret in the superior courts in California. She has also been called to interpret in federal courts, immigration and workers compensation appeals boards. She continues to update herself through lectures, conferences, travel, and other practical means to keep up with the developments in the English/Tagalog languages and the profession of interpretation and translation, such as 8th National Convention & Seminar of the Philippine Association of Court Interpreters (PHILACI), conducted by the Phil. Judicial Academy, in Bacolod City, Philippines (2014).

      This site will give you information about:
  • the Filipino language which is the national language of the Philippines
  • when a Tagalog interpreter is used
  • why an interpreter is preferred despite the fact that a lot of Filipinos speak English
  • qualities to look for in a Tagalog interpreter
  • some of the ethical rules for interpreters.
          It will also tell you when and how Caroline Carrera:
  • started as a Tagalog court interpreter in the Philippines
  • her educational background
  • professional memberships
  • her professional experience
  • rate information
          A word about certification. In California, a “court certified interpreter” refers to one who has passed the written and oral phases of the certification exams given by the Judicial Council of California, as well as completed other administrative requirements. It is NOT medical certification, which is through agencies other than the Judicial Council. Before Caroline Carrera became certified in 2010, no one has been certified for the Tagalog language since 1998. As of 2022, there are FOUR Tagalog interpreters who are certified by the Judicial Council of California.
          State law deems Certified Court Interpreters qualified as Administrative Hearing Interpreters and Medical Interpreters (Gov. Code sections 11435.30 and 11435.35)
          If you are looking for or in need to hire a competent Tagalog interpreter and translator, please continue to browse this website or contact:
          Caroline Carrera
          Phone (925) 556-9962
          Cell (415) 816-4653
          For more information, click here to view Caroline's resume »

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